Haiku in the Workplace – A Job Well Done


for a breakthrough
glass ceiling
— Martha Magenta


Haiku in the Workplace, The Haiku Foundation Blog, June 29, 2017



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Haibun – Night Fright


Holidaying in Portugal, we came across a lake near Nisa and decided to ask at a nearby farm for permission to camp. We were greeted by a large dog, which lunged towards us snarling and pulling against its chain. An angry farmer shook his fist and told us in Portuguese expletives to get off his land. We guessed that was a “No” so we backed off quickly.

It was almost dark. Exhausted and hungry, we pitched our tent on the lakeshore beyond the wall, which we guessed to be the boundary of the farm. We heated some baked beans and settled down for the night.

Suddenly we were woken by a familiar barking and growling. We peered out to see the silhouette of a Baskervillean hound in the dim moonlight. It stood on the track, slathering with rage. We were terrified that we would be mauled to death by the fiend.

wolf moon
the wind calls
my name

Aiden grabbed a stone and threw it towards the dog. The hound backed off a few paces. Another larger stone and it yelped and bolted away. Relieved, we snuggled back into our sleeping bags.

Later, we were woken by a scary sound. Something was attacking our tent! “Kerplop! Kerplop!” Then “Flop! Flop! Flop!” We clung to each other in fright.

creeping under the door
strange wind

“Your turn!” Aiden said. I grabbed the torch and crawled out of the tent on my hands and knees. Shaking with fright, I approached the thing. “Oh,” I said.

“What is it?” hissed Aiden.

“It’s trapped under the flysheet trying to get out.” I lifted out a frog and held its damp throbbing body in my hand before letting it go on its way, toward the water.

Lake Salazar
a thousand mosquitos
sting my behind

Contemporary Haibun Online  April 2017, vol 13 no 2


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my inner child
tangled in kelp

—Martha Magenta
Lyme Regis, England UK


carried along
on a tide of thought

—Martha Magenta
Gower Peninsula, S Wales, UK


long night moon
a huddle of vagrants
share a lager

—Martha Magenta
Mina Road Park, Bristol UK

Australian Haiku Society Haiku String on Place for the Winter Solstice June, 2017

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July 14 035.JPG

Photo copyright Martha Magenta


Blossoms open on the arms of trees
like desire moving among shimmering leaves
As Helios´ rays caress the Earth´s
green welcoming curves
tenacious shadows tuck their chills
into recesses in the rocks.

Now in the open, a sleepy fox
stands blinking in the morning rays
as dawn dew rises in evanescent haze.

The moon´s face pales in the bright blue sky
as the golden orb rises high
brightening branches and reeds
with rainbow dew like strings of beads
and gold strewn with threads of dawn
awakening daisies on the lawn.

© Martha Magenta

Mused – Bella Online Literary Review Vol 11, Issue 2, Summer 2017


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spring equinox—
a heron’s shadow moves
into summertime

rain on furrows—
a seagull lowers
the sky


© Martha Magenta

Blithe Spirit issue 27.2 May, 2017

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Haiku in the Workplace


hot desking —
the boss’s squash kit
goes home with him
— Martha Magenta

Haiku in the Workplace: The Ideal Boss June 15, 2017







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lunar eclipse
a rabbit thumps
the hawk’s shadow


Welsh rain –
a cloud of sheep
on the mountain


© Martha Magenta

Shamrock Haiku Journal June 11, 2017

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