brief dalliance
my opal pendant

Creatrix Poetry and Haiku Journal, Number 35, December 2016



new kindle
the cats stretch out
on the bookshelves

Frameless Sky Issue 5 December 2016


sea-sky roars
in the curves of


twilight stream
the first bend
on the star

night stalker
a hunger moon
follows me

crow moon
we follow our shadows
into the dusk

Undertow Tanka Review Issue 9 December 2016


a vagrant
collects a cigarette stub

Modern Haiku issue 47:3 December 2016



autumn wind
a wild umbrella
beats me to the bus


starry night
the draught horse’s shoes
spark on concrete

© Martha Magenta

The Heron’s Nest
Volume XVIII, Number 4: December 2016


black mountains
amid the dense rain
one red cagoule

brass bell December 1, 2016

day moon
we see the marks
of our imperfections

Tribute to Jane Reichold 1937 – 2016
cattails September 2016


harvest moon
stardust in my
cider glass

cattails September 2016


shooting stars —
I sow random

cattails September 2016


About marthamagenta

Martha Magenta lives in England UK. Her poems focus on a wide variety of topics and issues including: love, loss, spirituality, environment abuse, and violence against women. Recently, she has begun to write haiku and tanka. A number of her poems and haiku have been published in online journals. She is owner of POETS community on Google Plus.
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