Haiku – Harusame


brisk breeze—
a seagull’s wings
sweep the mist

Commentary: a sense of movement (ugoki 動き) that links the two part of the poem, thanks also to the alliteration of the ‘s’ sound in the second ku 句. The cut (kire 切れ) at the end of line 1 creates a pause (ma 間) in the escalating process of the scene, moving from a lively and light vision (okashimi おかしみ) of the world (the ‘brisk breeze’) to a deeper one (cf. the ‘mist’ or kiri 霧), aligning with the aesthetic values of sabi 寂 and yūgen 幽玄.

Harusame 6 February 2019


About Martha Magenta

Martha Magenta is an award-winning haiku poet living in Bristol, England, UK. She has a passion for herbalism, gardening, veganism, animal rights, Earth and the environment. She has worked for ActionAid, and Friends of the Earth. Her poetry, haiku, haibun, senryu, and tanka have appeared in many journals, magazines, and anthologies. She was awarded first, second and third prizes and Honourable Mentions in contests for haiku, tanka and haibun in 2017 - 2019. She is listed on The European Top 100 haiku authors, 2017 and 2018. She collects her published work on a blog: https://marthamagenta.com/
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