Haiku, senryu and tanka in #FemkuMag


blackberry moon
the clench
of his fists

her nibbled down nails
have nothing left to give

he picks
at my faults



black-eyed Susan
I should have left him
the first time


Previously published:
Failed Haiku Senryu Journal, September 1 2016

the wind
punches a paper bag
against a wall
the red-raw places
and bruise-black holes


Previously published:
Blithe Spirit, Journal of the British Haiku Society,
Vol 28 number 3, August 2018

FemkuMag An e-zine of Women’s Haiku
June 2019, issue thirteen


About Martha Magenta

Martha Magenta is an award-winning haiku poet living in Bristol, England, UK. She has a passion for herbalism, gardening, veganism, animal rights, Earth and the environment. She has worked for ActionAid, and Friends of the Earth. Her poetry, haiku, haibun, senryu, and tanka have appeared in many journals, magazines, and anthologies. She was awarded first, second and third prizes and Honourable Mentions in contests for haiku, tanka and haibun in 2017 - 2019. She is listed on The European Top 100 haiku authors, 2017 and 2018. She collects her published work on a blog: https://marthamagenta.com/
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